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You don’t need any particular degree, credential, experience, certifications, qualifications, or even any life success, to become a “Life Coach.”

If that surprises you, it probably should.

I don’t know about you, but when I have have looked for a Coach, I wanted to hire somebody with a successful life, with some kinds of training, experience, credentials–something that would lead me to believe that they could help me get to the next level of joy and abundance in my own life.

Makes sense, right? I want a personal trainer who’s in great shape, a mechanic whose car runs like a Swiss watch, a financial advisor who is wildly prosperous, and a Life Coach who has a an exciting and joyful life.

Things I would check out if I were you:

  • Have they had a satisfying and interesting career path, or will you be their 3rd client ever? Nothing against youth, but I want my Life Coach to have been around the block at least once or twice…
  • Do they appear to be in pretty decent physical and financial shape? I know we are not looking at a PERSONAL trainer, but I happen to think that one’s physical health and shape are often an indicator of balance in one’s life, so whether that is judgmental or not, I am looking for it. Same goes for financial health and well-being…
  • What credentials, degrees, training or experience do they have? I have to feel convinced by SOMETHING that the person can do the job. My most recent Coach/Therapist, Christine Warren, has a master’s degree, is NOT a licensed mental health professional, but has a wealth of life experience across personal, corporate, and spiritual realms. That works for me.
  • What joy have they manifested in their own life? An awesome partner, lots of travel? Something else that tells you “This person knows how to get it done”, whatever that means to you…
Coaching Old School

Successful marbles coaching here, I would say…

You should be very satisfied with the answers to these questions. If you’re not, why would you want them to coach you? They have to bring value above and beyond what you could easily do with self-help materials.

My Professional Credentials & Experiences

I have a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology, and I am a licensed Psychologist in the state of New Mexico (formerly also Ohio, Florida, & Texas as well.)

I have earned further professional certificates in “Coaching & Psychotherapy”, Addictions, Narrative Therapy, and Clinical Supervision.

For the past ten years, I have served as President of Southwestern College/New Earth Institute/Tierra Nueva, a graduate school that trains Professional Counselors and Art Therapists. I, myself, have provided thousands of hours of Counseling/Psychotherapy, and many hundreds of hours of clinical supervision to graduate students and to therapists (Psychology, Psychiatry, Counseling, Social Work) going for licensure. I have taught between 100-200 university classes (both on the ground and online), mostly in Psychology, but some in English too. I have taught for a dozen universities.

OK, blah, blah, blah. I happen to think the above is impressive, but those academic and professional “creds” are not why I make a good coach or therapist, though they certainly help.

Feel free to contact me at or 505-699-7616

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