What Is Therapy/Counseling?

Jim and Clouds   You are looking to feel, and be, more empowered in your life. That’s why people look into Counseling or Coaching.

You want to work with either internal experiences (anxiety, frustration, depression, disillusionment, emotional distress) or external circumstances (break up of a relationship, don’t like your job, not enough money, you’re lonely, your dog died.)
You want to re-author your life, make it more like the life you truly want. Like all of us, you could use some help figuring out how to do that, some support while you do it, and some resources (books, tapes, information, leads, networks) that might help accelerate the process.

I get it.

Man, if I had a dime for every time in my life I felt like that…Usually, we do not NEED a Counselor or a Coach. We don’t actually NEED somebody to help us move the couch out the front door (yes, I have literally done that), but it sure helps.
It just makes sense, right? I have used Therapists, Coaches, Mentors, Guides, and Couch Lifters all of my life, and although that might be the road less traveled by, that has made all the difference…

Let me know if you want to talk…I take most major insurances, including Medicaid…

Drjamesmichaelnolan@gmail.com   or text me at 505-699-7616

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