• "When we focus on a thing, we tend to attract more of that thing, so we have to be really intentional about where we are placing our focus. It sounds really simple, but it's freaking huge..."
    --Jim Nolan

  • "It's never a matter of whether you NEED a Life Coach. You don't need a Life Coach. But you can get a hell of a lot more places a hell of a lot faster WITH one. "

    ----Jim Nolan

  • "Most therapists are trained to focus on the negative. That is the best way to keep the negative front and center in your perceptual field. I work with what's right in your world, your strengths, what you want to manifest in your life."

    --Jim Nolan

  • Maverick Living in Unsettled Times

    Maverick Living in Unsettled Times

    "A Maverick is a free spirit, an unorthodox person, an independent thinker. We're not big on rules. We like to live life our own way."
    --Jim Nolan

My Mission is to Support Your Mission


You probably find yourself on this page for a reason. What we focus on tends to show up.

Whether you are interested in Therapy, Coaching, or Clinical Supervision, I hope you find what you want here. My approach to all of these is unique, and focused on strengths, , empowerment, and manifesting the kind of personal life and professional life you are looking for.

The belief that we can bring into our own awareness and experience that upon which we intentionally ¬†focus, is central to my Coaching, Therapy, and Supervision work. It’s something important for you to know. I happen to think that we are hugely instrumental in creating our own experiences in life.

Predictably, I work best with those that share this belief. I have been a Therapist and Clinical Supervisor for over twenty-five years, and I have been Coaching and Mentoring for a number of years as well.

Both my personal and professional lives have been great adventures, and I would love to help you shape your own life in the direction that will bring you the most joy, prosperity, and professional success.

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