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My name is Jim Nolan, and I have been in the helping professions forever, first as a psychotherapist (Psychologist), and gradually as a coach, consultant, mentor, teacher, leader. That shift was intentional, based on how my attitude and outlook on life shifted over the years toward a much more positive, optimistic, and joyful way of being. That is a harder place to hang out when you are practicing in a profession where the focus is so doggedly on “what’s wrong with the world”, on trauma, on narratives that lock in pain. While I think traditional approaches to psychotherapy are well-intentioned, they are not the focus of this stage of my life and career. I do not want to know what is wrong with your life–I want to know what is right, what is working, what other dreams you have in mind. Traditional psychotherapy is paid for by insurance companies, and insurance companies only pay for us to talk about what is wrong. That is why I am a Coach, and not a Psychotherapist anymore. I am now celebrating what is right with the world.

I have come to understand that we are here to pursue with passion, and in full consciousness, the life that is our destiny path. That is my own personal mission, and I love to work with people who want to make it part of theirs. The universe delivers, and our job is to align with  prosperity, and adventure, not getting in the way, and not resisting, but flowing downstream with the natural course of our personal journey…


The Early Challenges…

I did not grow up in an environment that encouraged thinking this way. I grew up in inner city Cleveland, West Side, where nobody was encouraged to depart from the status quo. And the status quo was narrow, and the ceiling was set extraordinarily low. As a teenger, I realized that was not the life for me.

JimSo I was breaking rules as early as I can remember.  I was learning what I did not want in my life, but I still did not have much of a vision of what I DID want.

Maybe you can relate to that experience. You know there is something bigger, but somehow you have developed an exaggeratedly low ceiling for yourself (with help) and can’t quite get on top of it. Sometimes family members, or friends look at you with that “Who do you think YOU are?” kind of look because you aspire toward more.  I decided I was not going to use someone else’s behavior as an excuse to hold myself back from where I wanted to do, and who I was meant to be.

The key to the whole deal, the antidote to dissatisfaction with life or aspects of it, is Consciousness. Consciousness is the cultivation of a heightened awareness and intentionality in our lives. It is “getting” that we are part of a much greater picture, One With, though at the day-to-day  level, separate from. We take responsibility for our lives, and are active, intentional creators of our experiences.

And Consciousness, intentional living,  leads us to know better what we do not want in life, so too what we do want in life, and leads to a clearer awareness of what steps we have to take to move that vision forward, as well as an understanding of how we block the manifestations that are more than willing to be part of our experience.

Yes, you do have to take responsibility. Actually, you ALWAYS have responsibility. But let’s say you have to RECOGNIZE that you have responsibility, and act accordingly. But that is really the good news. You are driving this bus. My job is to help you get comfortable in the driver’s seat…