• "Most therapists are trained to focus on the negative. That is the best way to keep the negative front and center in your perceptual field. I work with what's right in your world, your strengths, what you want to manifest in your life."

    --Jim Nolan

  • Puerta de la Luna Office

    Puerta de la Luna Office

    "When we focus on a thing, we tend to attract more of that thing, so we have to be really intentional about where we are placing our focus. It sounds really simple, but it's huge. Gigantic."
    --Jim Nolan

  • "It's never a matter of whether you NEED a Life Coach. You don't need a Life Coach. But you can get a hell of a lot more places a hell of a lot faster WITH one. "

    ----Jim Nolan

  • "In my work, I pretty much cut straight through to the real stuff, and I do so with compassion...

    We will laugh, we will break whatever rules necessary, we will speak our truth, and you will regain authorship of your experience and life.
    That's what it's about..."


  • Maverick Solutions for Unsettled Times

    Maverick Solutions for Unsettled Times

    "A Maverick is a free spirit, an unorthodox person, an independent thinker. We're not big on rules. We like to live life our own way."
    --Jim Nolan

Authentic Encounters: Counseling & Coaching w/ Dr. Jim Nolan

—from Jim Nolan, Ph.D., LPCC, LADAC, ACS, Psychologist & Life Coach


Taj-793x1024     Thanks for stopping by to visit…I know there are a lot of therapists’ pages you could be visiting right now, and I appreciate that you have stopped by mine…

I believe that to a very significant degree, we create our own experience, largely as a matter of where we focus our attention and energy. That belief is pretty central to my Coaching, Therapy, and Supervision work. For that matter, it’s the core from which I live my life. I call it the Principle of Attraction. It’s something important for you to know, because  my Counseling and Coaching practice are focused on empowerment, on you becoming the primary author of your life. Boom…

Who Comes to See Me, and Why?

Sometimes life just gets complicated, and you feel like it might be useful to talk to somebody. Who hasn’t been there? I can help you move through whatever is getting in the way in your life. We’ll work to get you back on the path of your soul’s journey. Know that we’ll focus a lot on the positive, on your potential. We will address what’s up for you (relationships, anxiety, depressed feelings), but we won’t get stuck in the past, or stay “problem-focused.” That is one of the errors of most “therapy”, from my perspective… Sometimes symptoms (depression, anxiety) come from the fact that our culture (or family, or partner, or boss) have expectations for how we should “be” that don’t match how we ARE, or want to be. Carl Rogers articulated this long ago. We get out of synch with our true selves. It’s not a good thing…

Who I Work With

Predictably, I work best with those that share my view of self-empowerment. It might surprise you that many people, and much Psychology Theory, place a lot of the power outside of the individual. (“I am the way I am because of stuff my mother did, or didn’t do, back in 1963”; “My life would be better if it weren’t for the Republican Party and Mercury Retrograde.”) To each their own, I guess, but I can’t really get into a worldview in which we are not significantly the author of our own experience, the driver of our own bus. When people put the power outside of themselves, they tend to end up blaming others, playing the victim, not taking responsibility for their lives, and generally moving away from the approach to living that we’re talking about here.

Anyway, I have been a Therapist and Coach for over twenty-five years, and I would love to help you shape your own life adventure in the direction that will bring you the most joy, prosperity, and professional success.

Feel free to contact me at Drjamesmichaelnolan@gmail.com. Seriously–I will answer your email. Unless you are a phone person-then text me at  505-699-7616 (I tend to be a better texter than phone call guy, but can do either…)

Either way, it’s time for change, and if you’ve read this far, you probably know that. I would be honored to be a part of your journey…


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