Fees for Services

Fees 4      At this time, I am able to take most major insurances, including Medicaid. When you call me, I will get your information and verify it with the insurance company, at which point I will know your benefits, and can tell you what your out of pocket expense will be, if anything.

Any applicable fees or co-pays will be due at the time of service. I accept cash or check.

Fee Schedule for Self Pay Clients: (Because many clients want to maintain their privacy, and do not want insurance companies trafficking in their private and personal information…)

One Hour Session: $150.00

One and a Half Hour Session: $200.00

Two Hour Session: $250.00 (This may sound odd to some people, but, speaking personally, when I talk to a therapist or a coach, I prefer to do two hour sessions, less frequently. I find it helps me get through more material, and work it through, rather than being stopped in mid thought by the one hour clock…)

Life Coaching Fee Schedule:

Face to Face One and a Half Hour Session: $200.00

Half Hour Phone Session: $100.00

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